The American Studies Center is a cross-disciplinary department of the University of Warsaw. Its faculty research and teach various aspects of the United States culture, society, literature, art, film, media, history, economy, politics, law, ideas, etc. Faculty are both Polish and international scholars; permanent faculty includes three professors from the U.S. Classes are taught by the Center's faculty and guest faculty.

Graduates of the American Studies Center have specialized knowledge about American society and culture, and the relations between the U.S. and the world, including Europe.

The first-cycle studies program encompasses introductory lectures to the various disciplines that make up the curriculum, and a spectrum of electives; students are encouraged to enroll in elective classes which would inform their specific research projects. The program also includes an academic writing class (English composition) and other types of classes.

The program runs for three years (six semesters). All classes are offered in English.

Graduates will have earned a “licencjat” degree, comparable to Bachelor of Arts degree, in cultural studies with an emphasis in American Studies. Graduates of the Center find employment in an array of professions, e.g. business, foreign trade, journalism, media, culture, education, administration, foreign service and international organization, tourism. The fee for international candidates is 2000 Euro per semester. Candidates from the EU and EFTA are exempted from the fee.

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