The ASC can prepare a Polish student to undertake a Ph.D. course in humanities or social sciences at a selective Anglo-Saxon institution from scratch. And this is something that not many other public establishments in Central or Eastern Europe can do. The faculty at ASC consists of teachers who have extensive experience with the best American and British Universities. The Center also has a great library that I still tend to use it while in Warsaw.

It is as if ASC was a small but exceptionally good American, liberal arts college that trough some cosmic intervention got sucked by giant tornado and later landed in Poland. The success of ASC never ceases to amaze my US colleagues, even those who have known about it for a long time. I will always have warm feeling for the Center. My thesis supervisor, for instance, was a real Angel (literally).

Michał Kuź, 2009, a PhD candidate at Louisiana State University

A fantastic intellectual journey! Very supportive environment! Amazing professors and many thanks are in order here! (I have my favorites but it wouldn't be politically polite to put that on the website, right:) A great challenge and platform for personal and intellectual development.

Justyna Dyląg, 2011

It’s a place full of tolerance, a place where you can be different and nobody will point at you, just the opposite, one feels support and acceptance of one’s otherness and feels one is not alone in this world full of prejudice.

How is the ASC different? One of the differences is the attitude of the people in the office toward the students. This is the only student office I know at this University where the students are greeted with a smile and patiently informed about everything in detail or sent where they are likely to get the needed information: a rarity.

What new have I learned? A new way of looking at American politics, a greater tolerance toward other races, deciphering poetry, looking at films from all possible angles. Discussing literature in unorthodox ways.

Kasia Szukałowicz, 2011

Studies at the ASC were an intellectual tornado for me. I have met people here I feel closest to today, such as my thesis supervisor, who inspires me still today and whose amazing support helped me to get into the much desired doctoral program in the U.S.

Aleksandra Szaniawska, 2009

A few years ago I have accidentally come across American Studies. Today I am greatly indebted to the ASC which allowed me to develop my interests. The fantastic professors and their courses in English really broaden one’s horizons.

Piotr Serafin, 2009

The ASC is probably the most welcoming department one can imagine! The professors have a very individualized approach to the students and help them develop their own interests. One can write a Master’s Thesis on, say, the gothic in American film.

Alicja Wójcik, 2009

Great people, friendly professors and interesting courses: this is what I remember from the ACS!

Natalia Misiewicz, 2009

At the ASC I met great friends, who now do interesting things in the media, advertising, translation agencies, or work in, say, film dubbing. We still regularly exchange the news during our “asc” outings.

Sebastian Góźdź, 2009

The ASC is a place I go back to with great fondness. This is where I met many exceptional people-full of enthusiasm and passion-both students and professors. This was a great time, both in terms of my education and social life!

Justyna Nowakowska, 2009

Studies at the ASC were a time of intense growth for me. I attended super interesting courses, met new people and above all, read, and read and read! Today I still use the knowledge gained at the ASC. I am writing a PhD thesis at the Institute of Sociology, Warsaw University, where I expand on the conclusions from the Master’s Thesis I defended at the ASC.

Monika Żychlińska, 2009

Remembering the ASC brings a tear to my eyes. The Center means not only extremely interesting and useful courses but also brilliant and friendly professors.

American Studies and what I learned there in terms of knowledge about the US and general knowledge (for American Studies are very wide-ranging and one acquires general knowledge there as well), have proven to be invaluable in translating texts related to Anglo-Saxon culture, politics and law. I still use this knowledge today.

The ASC also gives a unique opportunity to polish one’s language skills. Students have a chance to acquire vocabulary in history, philosophy, politics, literature, business, economy (and a number of other fields) in natural contexts and to apply it during discussion, in preparing and showing presentations, in writing term papers and exams. For me, as a future sworn translator, they were priceless.

Małgorzata Rymsza, 2006

The ASC taught me to think critically and daringly about topics which are often marginalized and silenced, such as the problem of discrimination, violence, social inequality. I appreciate it for the excellent selection of courses and respect for students.

Agnieszka Mrozik, 2005

I remember studying the ASC with great fondness. Interesting teaching staff, friends with a broad variety of interests, from American fairytales to rock music, film, history, politics and economy. I have learned a lot, but from the perspective of time I have particularly come to value the atmosphere at the ASC. Were I to decide to study in Warsaw again today, I would choose American Studies at Warsaw University.

Michał Zdziarski, 1996

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