The Transatlantic Symposium is an annual international student conference jointly organized by the ASC and its two partners: Humboldt University in Berlin and Oregon State University at Corvallis. The Symposium takes place in the spring and lasts for about 10 days, including a study tour. It is preceded by a semester-long elective course on the topic of that year’s symposium. (The course is titled Transatlantic Symposium.) The Symposium venue changes from one year to the next, alternating between locations in the United States and Europe. The topic for 2014-15 is “Crisis of Mission: Transatlantic (Mis)Understandings of European Integration.”

Please note that the number of participants in the Symposium may be limited due to financial constraints, and participation does require some out-of-pocket expense to the students who wish to travel.

Report on the Twelfth Transatlantic Symposium in March 2014

Summary Report on the past Transatlantic Symposia 2003-2014

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