Andrzej Barczewski, ASC librarian, is now retiring, after a busy thirty-six-year career at the University of Warsaw (for twenty-six of those years he worked at the ASC as such). He received an MA degree from the Institute of Archeology of the University of Warsaw (MA) and completed postgraduate studies at the Institute of the Geography of Developing Countries. He was first hired, in 1986, by BUW, the UW Main Library (at the Cataloging Department). Then, in 1996, he transferred to the ASC to become the ASC Library’s main cataloger responsible for the descriptive cataloguing and subject analysis of books as well as for the assignment of classification numbers, In the early years of his career he would use a typewriter to type traditional catalog cards; by 1992 he switched to the first integrated computer library systems; he played a key role in the ASC Library’s  switching from the pioneering VTLS system to the the all-University VIRTUA (a process we have only recently completed). 

Andrzej Barczewski speaks many foreign languages . He is fluent in English, German, Russian and Latin (he’s been a translator in those languages), but also knows several other languages such as Italian. Of course, he can professionally catalog books in all of the above languages. He is passionate about history and archeology, and is a cat lover (currently he has four of them!).

Our very best wishes on his retirement.

Grzegorz Kosc
ASC Director