About us

The American Studies Center of the University of Warsaw (ASC) is one of the biggest American Studies institutions in Europe. The Center is part of the Institute of the Americas and Europe (IAiE) alongwith the Center for European Regional and Local Studies (EUROREG).

The ASC offers a unique, interdisciplinary American Studies program. While at the B.A. level it focuses on the US American Studies, at the M.A. it offers a highly individualized, research-oriented curriculum allowing graduate students to specialize in the culture, society, and politics of either the United States or the countries of Latin America. All courses in US American Studies are taught in English, whereas those in the Latin American specialization are still taught in Polish, Spanish and English. In the fully developed program launched in 2018 most courses are taught in English, with some electives in Spanish (or Portuguese).

The American Studies Center employs nearly 60 faculty, 31 of whom are permanent faculty, from Poland, the United States, and Mexico. It provides excellent research facilities for students, scholars, and professionals interested in the field. The ASC Library is the largest American Studies library in Central Europe, attracting researchers from across the world.

The ASC promotes American Studies in Poland and Europe by conducting research, hosting conferences, debates and various events open to the general public and by being active in several US American Studies and Latin American Studies associations (Polish Association for American Studies [PAAS], European Association for American Studies [EAAS], American Studies Network [ASN], Consejo Europeo de investigaciones sociales de América Latina [CEISAL]).

The ASC library Photo by Jacek Cygan

The Library

The American Studies Center Library has been collecting humanities and social science publications on the United States of America since 1976. Drawing on long-term financial support from numerous US institutions and foundations (including USIA, Peace Corps, Mellon Foundation, Sabre Foundation), we have built the largest American studies collection in Poland, which is further enhanced by interlibrary loans (including from U.S. Library of Congress, Indiana University Library, Kent State University Library, University of Kansas Library, and the University of Pittsburgh Library System). In 2017, the collection of the UW Center for Latin American Studies (CESLA) was added to the ASC Library holdings. The Library is open access and uses the Dewey Decimal System.