Speculative Texts and Media Research Group

Head: dr hab. Paweł Frelik, prof. ucz.

The Speculative Texts and Media Research Group offers a forum for scholars and researchers interested in the broadly understood fantastic genres, such as science fiction, fantasy, and dystopia, as well as audiovisual media, including video games. What connects these diverse genres and media is their mode of speculation, which proposes to look at the world not in purely mimetic terms but through speculation, extrapolation, and futurism. Given the almost complete lack of long­term discussions in contemporary culture, the fantastic has been the only cultural site that has so systematically and comprehensively engaged the question of tomorrow. Gathering graduate students, scholars, and researchers from a range of disciplines interested in the above issues and questions, the Speculative Texts and Media Research Group organizes regular meetings, public lectures and seminars, and larger academic events