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Year 2020/2021

April 13: Ze wszystkich istot nadprzyrodzonych najszkodliwszy. Wilkołaki w słowiańskim folklorze

March 30, 2021

In this lecture, we will be looking at werewolves and their presence in Polish folklore. Katarzyna Bielicka will talk about the transformation process described by ethnographers, the effect of werewolves on pagan religions, and accidents when werewolves saved someone’s life.

American Studies Colloquium Series

April 15: The Heartland: Myth and History

March 28, 2021

The American heartland refers to a quintessentially all-American place: white, buffered, bunkered, isolationist, exceptionalist, and local. In this lecture, Kristin Hoganson will take the history of a seemingly local place in a seemingly local time to turn the myth of the American heartland inside out.

Year 2020/2021

April 12: Hate in the Homeland –
Right-wing Extremism in the USA

March 12, 2021

During the talk, Cynthia Miller-Idriss, a renown sociologist and public policy analyst, will share her thoughts on the rise of right wing extremism in the United States, derived from her recent book, “Hate in the Homeland.” The event is organized by the Leadership Studies Group.

Year 2020/2021

April 8: Race in US Popular Culture. Presentation of ASC Students’ Articles Published in “View”

March 27, 2021

In this academic session three ASC students, Anna Maria Grzybowska, Karolina Toka and Jakub Olech, will discuss and celebrate the publication of their articles, originally written for the Research Proseminar „Race in American Film” taught by Prof. Agnieszka Graff in the Spring of 2020.

Year 2020/2021

March 29: Customary Strangers: Double Mirroring of Otherness in Eastern-Western Vampire Narratives

March 29, 2021

The Vampire serves as a perfect embodiment of the Other of all sorts: racial, sexual, ethnic, gender and class. The main objective of this lecture is to provide a comparative description of Vampire Narratives as collective fantasies about the radical otherness.

Year 2020/2021

March 22: American Leadership in the World – a Myth or Reality?

March 18, 2021

Leadership Studies Group invites all followers of American politics to a meeting with professor Roman Kuźniar, a distinguished expert in international relations, a diplomat, and an advisor to the President of the Polish Republic Bronisław Komorowski.

American Studies Colloquium Series

March 18: The Art of the Jewish Family: Early American Women’s History Through Objects

March 18, 2021

In this lecture, Laura Arnold Leibman examines objects owned by Jewish women living in New York between 1750 and 1850, exploring the intimate and tangible views into their beliefs, values and lifestyles, and revealing the social and religious structures that led to Jewish women being erased from historical archives.

Year 2020/2021

February 25: Q&A with Comic Book Artist Shawn Martinbrough

February 25, 2021

Shawn Martinbrough, a comic book artist, who has made projects for DC Comics, Marvel and Dark Horse Comics will be a guest of prof. Paweł Frelik during the Q&A session. He will discuss the diversifying role of comics, his personal story, and influences on his work.

American Studies Colloquium Series

January 28: Cyberfeminism, an Orthodox Version in North America: Social Media as a Counterpublic Transformative Space of Religiosity

January 28, 2021

Our next guest, Jessica Roda from Georgetown University will give a talk on the usage of social media by ultra-Orthodox women, as a tool for the development of cyberfeminism(s) in the transformative counterpublic space reinforcing religious norms and authority.

Year 2020/2021

January 25: Weird Space Junkies: Speculations on the Psychedelic

January 25, 2021

In this lecture, Jędrzej Burszta proposes to examine the cultural history of psychedelic science fiction in the United States, focusing on the legacy of the 1960s New Wave movement.

American Studies Colloquium Series

January 21: Refugees and Racial Capitalism: What “Integration” in the US Labor Market Means?

January 21, 2021

This talk by Elizabeth Cullen Dunn focuses on the situation of refugees during the COVID-19 epidemic, by discussing the example of the American meatpacking industry, which relies heavily on refugees resettled by the US Department of State.

Year 2020/2021

January 18: The Ur-Savage: The Anthropological Horror of Green Inferno and Bone Tomahawk

January 18, 2021

This lecture aims to elaborate on the problem of presenting indigenous people as a threat in current horror cinema, and to analyze it through the lenses of growing racist and far-right ideologies in the USA.

American Studies Colloquium Series

January 14: Police Against the Movement: US Law Enforcement and Racial Justice Activists from the 1960s to Today

January 14, 2021

To transform the present and the future of policing, we must first understand its past. In his lecture, Joshua Davis tackles the issue of how protesters can bring about a meaningful transformation in the United States’s law enforcement based on the realities and treatment of the 1960s civil rights movement.

Year 2020/2021

December 14: Bliskie spotkania z istotami nie-ludzkimi we współczesnej literaturze japońskiej

December 14, 2020

The upcoming meeting from the EcoGothic Landscapes series will take us to Japan to meet the animals and non-human beings that inhabit the local literature. Our guide on this journey will be prof. Beata Kubiak.

Year 2020/2021

December 9: Old South – New South and the 2020 Elections

December 9, 2020

Leadership Studies Section is happy to invite for an online conversation on the American South and the 2020 Elections. Topics covered during the meeting will include the runoffs in Georgia, possible future strategies for the political parties, and the importance of race and class in the presidential race.

Year 2020/2021

December 1: Weird Fiction and Ecological Thought

December 1, 2020

This meeting will lay out some key concepts useful for thinking the relation between contemporary (New) Weird fictions and ecological thought.

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