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Year 2022/2023

June 16: Forecasting & Prediction – Necessary Skills for the 21st Century Leadership

June 3, 2023

Leadership Studies Research Group has the pleasure to invite for a lecture by Dr. Sam Potolicchio on skills neccessary in 21-century leadership.

American Studies Colloquium Series

May 18: Understanding Appalachian Otherness

May 18, 2023

The Appalachian region of the US is a place surrounded in myth and stereotypes. This presentation explains the various scholarly and popular understandings of Appalachia, contrasting the definition of the region based upon geographic, economic, and cultural criteria, and discussing the differences between Northern and Southern Appalachia.

Year 2022/2023

May 29: Persephone & Demeter: A Workshop on “Lore Olympus”

May 26, 2023

Join this workshop on the current reiterations of the Persephone and Demeter myth and take part in a little knowledge-production experiment.

Karen Holmberg profile picture

American Studies Colloquium Series

June 1: Reckless Shelter: Contemporary Ecopoetic Practice

May 25, 2023

In this lecture, Karen Holmberg — a poet, writer and academic —will talk about the engagements with environmental and ecological initiatives at Oregon State that have shaped her and her recent work, while sharing and discussing sample poems that show her lifelong preoccupations with language as a living matter and one of the chief tools humans have for “being toward and becoming with” the natural world.

A dense green rainforest

American Studies Colloquium Series

May 25: English Language Bias and the Generalizability Problem in the Face of Global Linguistic Diversity

May 18, 2023

According to different sources, there are between 6,000 to 8,000 languages spoken in the world today. However, many academic fields tend to rely on English as a model language and do not question the generalizability of findings from studies done with English speakers. This talkwill illustrate how English is in some respects unusual and how focusing on it exclusively might provide a biased picture of language and the human mind.

Year 2022/2023

May 9: Call of the Deep: Mermaids in Film and Fiction

May 9, 2023

We’ll talk mermaids old and new. The ones with lovely fins and the ones with sharp teeth. We’ll journey through the unruly waters of Greek mythology, medieval (AND communist!) Warsaw and the Mariana Trench. We’ll talk mermaid taxonomy and history. We’ll talk about Mami Wata and the Little Mermaid. And we’ll talk how natureculture continuum and gender binary are traversed and challenged through the immensely popular figures of mer-people.

Year 2022/2023

April 27: Sex under Western Gaze

April 27, 2023

Did women have better sex – or better anything – under socialism? What do Eastern Europeans think about how Ghodsee’s book “Why Women Have Better Sex under Socialism” presents “our” history? Join Dr. Ludmiła Janion to talk over these issues with Erasmus+ visiting scholar Prof. Kornelia Slavova.

Year 2022/2023

April 25: Blood, Guts, Quirks and Frames: Greek Myths in Video Games

April 25, 2023

Nearly three thousand years ago, in ancient Greece, mythological and semi-legendary reigned in people’s hearts: heroes, demi-gods, monsters and more. Nowadays, all these myths are still, if not more, popular. This lecture will take a look at how contemporary video games take inspiration from ancient myths, often giving in return not only better visuals, but new depth, new meaning, even whole new stories.

Year 2022/2023

April 20: Appropriations of Emily Dickinson: the Persistence of the Poet

April 20, 2023

Join us for a meeting with Charles Holdefer, the author of several novels and numerous short stories, one of which won the Pushcart Prize. We will speak about his most recent novel, “Don’t Look at Me” (2022), in which the protagonist discovers a cache of unknown letters from Emily Dickinson to her lover which includes a major, hitherto unknown poem.

Year 2022/2023

April 13: Meet author Menachem Kaiser and translator Monika Skowron

April 13, 2023

It is our pleasure to invite you to the meeting with Menachem Kaiser, the author of a critically acclaimed, award-winning debut memoir “Plunder” and Monika Skowron, the book’s translator into Polish. The unusual focus on property is a way for the author to critique rote, exploitative, and excessively sentimental “third generation” memoirs written by descendants of Holocaust survivors visiting the “old country”.

Year 2022/2023

March 30: Between Euterpe and Aurora: How the Greek Myths Live in Contemporary Music

March 28, 2023

Ancient mythologies are alive in the contemporary world and continue to inspire artists and musicians. This lecture will offer a look into the interpretations and reinterpretations of Greek mythos in contemporary popular (or not-so-popular) music. Together, we will listen to the reconstructions of ancient hymns and wonder why so people from different countries and cultures still listen to the Greek tales from thousands of years ago?

Year 2022/2023

31 marca: Co zrobić z Lydią Tár? Pokaz i dyskusja wokół filmu Todda Fielda

March 31, 2023

Nominowany do 6 Oscarów film Todda Fielda z brawurową rolą Cate Blanchett to prowokacyjne spojrzenie na współczesną kulturę i społeczne konflikty. Zapraszamy do rozmowy, w której skupimy się na politycznych interpretacjach “Tár” w kontekście przemian amerykańskiej wrażliwości.

American Studies Colloquium Series

March 28: The Flashy Girl from Flushing: The Nanny and its Influence on American Culture

March 28, 2023

During the lecture, David Slucki of Monash University is going to investigate the recent upsurge in interest in the iconic CBS sitcom “The Nanny” and what it has to teach us about contemporary American Jewish life, and American life more broadly. “The Nanny” marks a turning point for American Jewish culture, popular culture representations of Jews, and particularly Jewish women.

Year 2022/2023

Oscars Night

March 12, 2023

Together with the ASC Students’ Union, we would like to invite all Hollywood fans to celebrate the night of the 95th Academy Awards! Join for a lecture by Prof. Paweł Frelik, bet on the best movie, watch a movie together, and finally the streaming of the Oscar ceremony!

American Studies Colloquium Series

March 9: Violent Divisions: Family Separations, Industrial Accidents and other Disconnections among Refugee Workers in the American Food System

March 9, 2023

Globalization is often seen as a process of expanding connections between distant people, things and places. In this talk, however, focusing on processes of refugee resettlement in Greeley, Colorado, we are going to look at Rohingya refugees in the American food system to show how capitalism relies on a continuous process of violent separations.

Year 2022/2023

February 14: American Leadership in the war in Ukraine: Indonesian Perspective

February 14, 2023

Leadership Research Group has a pleasure of inviting all scholars and students to a conversation on the non-Western perspective on the war in Ukraine. Our guest will be Agastya Wardhana from Airlangga University and he will speak about the American leadership in the war in Ukraine from an Indonesian perspective.

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