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Year 2021/2022

2021 ASC Welcome Event

September 22, 2021

The welcome event in the upcoming academic year will take place on September 30, 2021 in the Main Room of the University’s Old Library.

Year 2020/2021

June 24: Chewing on Big Rock Candy Mountain: Reading and understanding the “real” American West in two essays

June 24, 2021

Engaging in close reading and discussion of two essays written by Wallace Stegner, we will excavate the complexities, historical, contemporary, and imaginary alike, of the excessively mythologized and romanticized topos of the American West.

Year 2020/2021

May 31: Infinite, Never Final Frontiers: The Fantastic Legacy of the American West(ern)

May 31, 2021

Offering a broad historically anchored sweep through national imaginaries and imaginary worlds, this lecture will analyze the imagined future of Star Trek with the United States’ principal imperial mythos: the violent conquest and subjugation of the Trans-Mississippi West.

Year 2020/2021

May 24: Workshop: ‘There be whales here!’: Star Trekkin’ White Leviathans round the Moons of Nibia

May 24, 2021

Melville’s inscrutable behemoth of a “sea monster” has migrated into the “ocean of space” that is the vast outer space world of Star Trek. Our voyage will reveal to what end Melville’s Moby- Dick has been adapted a total of six times in the Star Trek universe.

American Studies Colloquium Series

May 13: Narratives, Basketball, Authorship: NBA Storytelling on and off the Court

May 13, 2021

This talk will be devoted to narratives created around the National Basketball Association, the best basketball league in the world, in order to construct a comprehensive picture of today’s NBA from a cultural studies perspective.

Year 2020/2021

May 11: ‘Knowledge is a Fatal Thing:’ Confessing Vampire Secrets from Polidori to Neil Jordan

May 11, 2021

Vampiric voices carry the power of Gothic time that may terrify, seduce, and ensnare future victims in the quest to be heard across eternity. Dr Sorcha Ní Fhlainn will examine the spellbinding whispers and murmurs of vampires that can be traced back to John Polidori’s 1819 novella, ‘The Vampyre.’

Year 2020/2021

May 5: Is America Doomed? A Critical Reflection from the Inside

May 5, 2021

Leadership Studies Group invites for a conversation with Charlie Leduff, an outspoken social critic, Pulitzer winning journalist-writer, and one of the leading public intellectuals in contemporary America, on the direction in which American society and politics are heading.

American Studies Colloquium Series

April 29: Queer Ecological Networks

April 29, 2021

In this talk, Sam McBean will offer a reading of Ren Hang’s photography to explore its queer play with forms and patterning by revisiting shapes, intimacies and body affiliations present in his work.

Year 2020/2021

April 28: Digital Americas Warm-up: “Showdown on the Pixel Frontier” with John Wills

April 28, 2021

In this talk, John Wills will explore the nineteenth-century American West as a popular gameworld and discuss issues of storytelling, stereotyping, and myth-making in the Western video game genre.

American Studies Colloquium Series

April 22: Hey honey, I think we should move…’: Gothic Property, (Re)Possession, and economic horror in the long 1980s

April 16, 2021

This lecture by Sorcha Ní Fhlainn examines touchstone films of the 1980s to reveal social and ethnic anxieties around property and homeownership, and posits the decade’s reigning ideology as a failed economic project.

American Studies Colloquium Series

April 15: The Heartland: Myth and History

April 15, 2021

The American heartland refers to a quintessentially all-American place: white, buffered, bunkered, isolationist, exceptionalist, and local. In this lecture, Kristin Hoganson will take the history of a seemingly local place in a seemingly local time to turn the myth of the American heartland inside out.

Year 2020/2021

April 13: Ze wszystkich istot nadprzyrodzonych najszkodliwszy. Wilkołaki w słowiańskim folklorze

April 13, 2021

In this lecture, we will be looking at werewolves and their presence in Polish folklore. Katarzyna Bielicka will talk about the transformation process described by ethnographers, the effect of werewolves on pagan religions, and accidents when werewolves saved someone’s life.

Year 2020/2021

April 12: Hate in the Homeland –
Right-wing Extremism in the USA

April 12, 2021

During the talk, Cynthia Miller-Idriss, a renown sociologist and public policy analyst, will share her thoughts on the rise of right wing extremism in the United States, derived from her recent book, “Hate in the Homeland.” The event is organized by the Leadership Studies Group.

Year 2020/2021

April 8: Race in US Popular Culture. Presentation of ASC Students’ Articles Published in “View”

April 8, 2021

In this academic session three ASC students, Anna Maria Grzybowska, Karolina Toka and Jakub Olech, will discuss and celebrate the publication of their articles, originally written for the Research Proseminar „Race in American Film” taught by Prof. Agnieszka Graff in the Spring of 2020.

Year 2020/2021

March 29: Customary Strangers: Double Mirroring of Otherness in Eastern-Western Vampire Narratives

March 29, 2021

The Vampire serves as a perfect embodiment of the Other of all sorts: racial, sexual, ethnic, gender and class. The main objective of this lecture is to provide a comparative description of Vampire Narratives as collective fantasies about the radical otherness.

Year 2020/2021

March 22: American Leadership in the World – a Myth or Reality?

March 18, 2021

Leadership Studies Group invites all followers of American politics to a meeting with professor Roman Kuźniar, a distinguished expert in international relations, a diplomat, and an advisor to the President of the Polish Republic Bronisław Komorowski.

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