Gender/Sexuality Research Group

Head: dr Karolina Krasuska

The group was formed in early 2016 in order to facilitate cooperation between doctoral and advanced MA students working, studying at, and affiliated with American Studies Center. Under Dr. Karolina Krasuska’s tutelage, the group has organized a number of seminars devoted to different research methodologies and research practices within the field of American cultural studies. The topics covered during these seminars include disability studies, girlhood studies, hauntology, gender variance in Poland, gender and militarism, female wartime reporting, and queer desires in American speculative fiction. Since 2016 the group has invited such eminent scholars as Prof. Andrea Peto, Prof. Mary Ann Doane, and Prof. Jack Halberstam to deliver lectures and lead highly popular seminars. In the summer semester of 2017/2018 the group was working on a close reading and subsequent translation of Judith Butler’s seminal Bodies that Matter: On the Discursive Limits of Sex published in 1993.

“Oswoić gender” Podcast

The ASC’s Gender/Sexuality Research Group is proud to share our very first and very own podcast! “Oswoić gender,” hosted by Dr. Anna Kurowicka and Dr. Marta Usiekniewicz, aims to present research in gender and sexuality studies done at our center.

In the eight-episode series we cover topics ranging from the mobilization of anti-gender movements, studies of girlhood and bisexuality, gender contexts of the 1990s transformation and disability, sexual non-normativity in Polish People’s Republic, studies of queer film and Polish women immigrants in the United States, the political dimension of horror, all the way to post-Soviet Jewish literature in the US.

Each new episode will be released on Wednesday, announced on the ASC’s social media, and available on platforms including Spotify,, Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, and Google Podcasts. Episodes will be also published on the Gender/Sexuality Research Group’s dedicated website, which will be launched soon.

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The aim of this Polish language podcast is to acquaint listeners with the diversity of research conducted within gender and sexuality studies. In each episode we show how the issues of gender and sexuality are manifested in cultural and social life. We also promise a good dose of humor and recommendations, because what would a popular science podcast be without homework?

This season will feature a slew of informative and entertaining conversations with Tomasz Basiuk, Jędrzej Burszta, Agnieszka Graff, Ludmiła Janion, Aleksandra Kamińska, Elżbieta Korolczuk, Agnieszka Kotwasińska, Karolina Krasuska, Sylwia Kuźma-Markowska, Krystyna Mazur, Natalia Pamuła, and Agnieszka Ziemińska.

The podcast is a part of Dr Karolina Krasuska’s project within “Promotion of scientific research in the public domain – 2nd edition” program under the Excellence Initiative Research University (IDUB) at the University of Warsaw and from the ASC UW.

Julia Machnowska was responsible for the sound production and editing, while Magdalena Sowul, aka Panilas, author of the podcast “Słyszane”, provided the studio space and music.

List of episodes

Episode 1

The first episode tells the podcast’s origin story, encourages listeners to read feminist texts of the 1970s and 1980s, and explains why it’s ok to watch Fast & Furious franchise. It also features conversation on asexuality and body studies, and some great recommendations.

Episode 2

Check out the second episode of the “Oswoić gender” podcast. This time Agnieszka Graff and Elżbieta Korolczuk talk about their newest book, Anti-Gender Politics in the Populist Moment, available in open access. They explain how the global anti-gender movement works, how it uses anti-neoliberal and colonial discourses, and why family and children are at the center of these anti-gender narratives. 

Episode 3

This time the ASC’s alumnae, Aleksandra Kamińska and Agnieszka Ziemińska, talk about researching gilhood and bisexuality. Why can’t contemporary girls grow up, and how is this related to the economic crisis? Why is it so hard to get a good representation of bisexuality in popular culture?

Episode 4

In the fourth episode Tomasz Basiuk and Jedrzej Burszta discuss their project “Cruising the 70s,” in which they researched the cultures of non-heteornormative people in the last decades of the Polish People’s Republic. To find out more, check out Queers in State Socialism. Cruising 1970s Poland published by Routledge.

Episode 5

The fifth episode of the “Oswoić gender” podcast, out now, features Ludmiła Janion and Natalia Pamuła, who talk about the 1990s transformation from the perspectives of gender studies and disability studies.

Episode 6

It’s the sixth episode of the “Oswoić gender” podcast and it’s all about intimacy and horror. Check out the conversation with Agnieszka Kotwasinska, who runs the ASC’s Weird Fictions Research Group and is our specialist in all things creepy and scary.

Episode 7

February is the Black History Month and we recommend listening to the penultimate episode of the first season of “Oswoić gender” podcast. Krystyna Mazur discusses Barbara Hammer’s queer filmmaking and recommends reading essays by Audrey Lorde, newly published in Polish, and the recently passed bell hooks, while Sylwia Kuźma-Markowska talks about her comparative research on reproductive rights in Poland and the US.