Gender/Sexuality Research Group

Co-headed by: dr Anna Kurowicka and dr Marta Usiekniewicz

The group was formed in early 2016 in order to facilitate cooperation between doctoral and advanced MA students working, studying at, and affiliated with the American Studies Center. Led by Dr. Karolina Krasuska, the group has successfully organized a number of seminars devoted to different research methodologies and research practices within the field of American cultural studies. The topics covered during these seminars include disability studies, girlhood studies, hauntology, gender variance in Poland, gender and militarism, female wartime reporting, and queer desires in American speculative fiction. Since 2016 the group has invited such eminent scholars as Prof. Andrea Peto, Prof. Mary Ann Doane, and Prof. Jack Halberstam to deliver lectures and lead highly popular seminars. In spring 2022 the research group organized a student conference devoted to gender and sexuality in American studies. Since fall 2023, the group functions under the tutelage of Dr. Anna Kurowicka and Dr. Marta Usiekniewicz.

The wide range of G/S Research Group’s activities is presented on their website.