Revista del CESLA

Revista del CESLA: International Latin American Studies Review is a semiannual, inter- and cross-disciplinary, double-blind peer-reviewed scientific journal. It was founded in 2000 by the late Professor Andrzej Dembicz (1939–2009), and until 2017 it was published, as an annual, by the Centre for Latin American Studies (CESLA) – a part of the Institute of the Americas and Europe of the University of Warsaw. Nowadays it is published within the same Institute, by the American Studies Center (ASC) which merged with CESLA in 2017.

The journal’s international advisory board comprises world-renowned Latin Americanists representing various disciplines and fields of studies.

We publish original research on Latin America, dealing with cultural, social, economic, and political issues, events, processes, and phenomena, viewed from both historical and contemporary perspectives. We also accept reviews of books and articles on Latin American topics, welcoming contributions from scholars from around the world and across humanities and social sciences.

Submitted articles can be in Spanish, English, or Portuguese. The evaluation process and the publication of accepted papers are free of charge.

Revista del CESLA is published twice a year, in June and December.