Leadership Studies Research Group

Head: dr hab. Bohdan Szklarski, prof. ucz.

Presidents, prime ministers, commanders, CEOs, and cultural icons as leaders of people and organizations often become heroes of collective imagination. Who has not heard of Caesar, Washington, Roosevelt, Hitler, Martin Luther King, Michael Jordan, Bono, or Steve Jobs. Such personalities inspire followers, move crowds, control institutions, create innovations and become indispensable elements of public sphere. Today, in a globalized and anarchic world, leaders and leadership in all spheres of human interest, from politics to business and culture, have become a noteworthy research subject at almost all major universities. The Leadership Studies Research Group wishes to make a contribution to the understanding of modern world through such activities as (1) academic study of all aspects of leadership and building a community of researchers and students; (2) dissemination of knowledge about leaders and leadership among general public; (3) facilitation of collaborative endeavors with those who study and practice leadership. We invite everyone who shares our conviction that politics, business, art or sports are made by people who leave their mark on us.