Open Academic Sessions (OZN)

The OZN program aims to improve the intellectual development of ASC students through participation in a variety of extracurricular academic activities, such as public lectures, debates, seminars and festivals.

What is it and how to get credit?

The purpose of this requirement is to enhance ASC students’ intellectual development through participation in a variety of extracurricular academic activities: public lectures, debates, seminars, or cultural events such as film festivals. While the OZN calendar is kept full by the coordinator, many OZN events are suggested by faculty and students. We strongly encourage student initiative – the whole point is for you to attend events that interest you.

Each ASC student receives an OZN card. The OZN requirement is 70 points for BA studies and 30 points for MA studies (see tables with grading below). In most cases, 1 OZN is awarded for 45 minutes of an academic activity. Each ASC student receives an OZN card where events should be listed. Each event should be signed by the organizer or a member of ASC faculty present.

OZN events include the following:

  • All guest lectures, conferences, and seminars held at the ASC. We especially recommend the American Studies Colloquium Series.
  • Outside events announced on the OZN notice board on Facebook:
  • Events suggested by students and approved by the OZN coordinator. In order to suggest an event, send a link to the coordinator via the OZN facebook page (send a message) at least a week in advance. It will be posted for all to see.
  • Sometimes we recommend movies (esp. documentaries) for 1 OZN (2 if there is a discussion or a panel).
  • We usually do not approve ASC events after the fact. If a signature cannot be obtained, you may visit the OZN coordinator during her office hours within 14 days of the event and get her signature.
  • Active participation in academic conferences (presenting a paper at a conference during the studies fulfills the entire OZN requirement with an excellent grade [5]). More information about upcoming conferences:
  • Publications in academic journals (an article in a serious journal i.e. one that has an ISSN number and publishes regularly, an article has to be in Polish or English and concern American or cultural studies) fulfills the entire OZN requirement with an excellent grade [5]).
  • Publications in WASP, the ASC student journal. Editors of the journal negotiate the number of OZN points with the coordinator.
  • Participation in ASC Student Seminars (Koło Naukowe) and Research Groups (Grupy Badawcze) (organizers receive double number of points). Groups’ supervisors decide exact number of points.
  • When announced: help with conference organization at the ASC.
  • When announced: help in organizing ASC academic events or work on the ASC website/Facebook profile.
  • When approved: help in research by an ASC faculty.
  • In special cases: additional elective courses in place of OZNs (ECTS count must be equivalent). Note that this option requires getting permission from the Counselor for Students’ Affairs.
  • In special cases: work-study programs at institutions such as the American Embassy.

NOTE: OZN points are not attached to any single semester. You should collect them and receive credit throughout your studies. 

The OZN Grade

Collected all the OZN points required by your program of studies? To get your grade you need to submit the following documents to the OZN Coordinator ( with a cc to the Student Office:

  • Scan of completed OZN card listing all online and irl events you have attended
  • One file with notes/scans of notes and print screens confirming your attendance
  • Optional: any certifications for courses attended, volunteer work completed, etc.

Please make sure to include the number of points collected into the body of your email to the Coordinator and the Student Office.

Make sure you label the attachments in an obvious way. Only send complete submissions in a single email. Ensure that you received a confirmation of points from the Coordinator.

We have extended the OZN form submission deadlines:

  • if you plan to defend in July, sumbit the form by June 23, 2021;
  • if you plan to defend in September, submit the form by September 10, 2021.

The OZN grade depends on the number of hours:

B.A. students entering the ASC in 2018-2019:

50-54 dostateczny (3)
55-59 dostateczny plus (3+)
60-64 dobry (4)
65-69 dobry plus (4+)
70 bardzo dobry (5)

B.A. students entering the ASC in 2017-2018:

40-44 dostateczny (3)
45-49 dostateczny plus (3+)
50-54 dobry (4)
55-59 dobry plus (4+)
60 bardzo dobry (5)

M.A. students:

30-33 dostateczny (3)
34-39 dostateczny plus (3+)
40-43 dobry (4)
44-49 dobry plus (4+)
50 bardzo dobry (5)

Studenci studiów licencjackich specjalności Ameryka Łacińska i Karaiby, którzy rozpoczęli studia w roku akademickim 2016/17:

30-34 dostateczny (3)
35-39 dostateczny plus (3+)
40-44 dobry (4)
45-49 dobry plus (4+)
50 bardzo dobry (5)

OZN Coordinator

dr Marta Usiekniewicz

Room 108A