The American Studies Center Library has been collecting humanities and social science publications on the United States of America since 1976.

Drawing on long-term financial support from numerous US institutions and foundations (including USIA, Peace Corps, Mellon Foundation, Sabre Foundation), we have built the largest American studies collection in Poland, which is further enhanced by interlibrary loans (including from U.S. Library of Congress, Indiana University Library, Kent State University Library, University of Kansas Library, and the University of Pittsburgh Library System). In 2017, the collection of the UW Center for Latin American Studies (CESLA) was added to the ASC Library holdings. In 2020 the Polish-American Ethnological Society donated part of the prof. Andrzej Wala book collection to our American Studies Center.

Library staff

Acting Head of the Library:

Anita Dołęgiewicz

+48 22 553 3331


Olena Ostrowska
Katarzyna Tomaszewska

+48 22 553 3330

Opening hours

Due to our relocation to Dobra 55, the ASC library will be shut down from January 26, 2023 to February 19, 2023. The last day to check out books from the library will be January 25, 2023 which is Wednesday. The library will reopen at Dobra 55 on February 20, Monday, with the beginning of the new semester. If you want to collect any course materials for the next semester, make sure to do it before the library closes for three weeks. 

The Library is open Monday through Friday.

From October 1 to June 30:
MONDAY 9:00 – 16:00
TUESDAY 9:00 – 19:00
WEDNESDAY 9:00 – 16:00
THURSDAY 9:00 – 16:00
FRIDAY 9:00 – 15:00
From July 1 to September 30:
MONDAY 9:00 – 15:00
TUESDAY 9:00 – 15:00
WEDNESDAY 9:00 – 15:00
THURSDAY 9:00 – 15:00
FRIDAY 9:00 – 15:00

ASC UW Library rules

The library of the American Studies Center is a scientific library which, together with the University Library in Warsaw (BUW) and other libraries of organizational units of the University of Warsaw, forms a common University Library and Information System.

According to the Regulations of the Library and Information System of the University of Warsaw of 20 June 2020, all libraries of the System make their collections available to students, doctoral students and employees of the University of Warsaw according to uniform rules (

The collection of the UW American Studies Center Library in the reading room can be used by all interested persons. Readers have free access to the entire book collection, which is arranged by subject area according to the Dewey Decimal Classification.

The Reading Room provides access to:

  • Books and magazines (books removed from shelves should be put in the cart)
  • Microfilms and microfiches
  • Teaching materials and readings (on electronic media) for classes currently offered at ASC
  • Materials brought in from other libraries

A scanner is available free of charge on site in the Reading Room. Persons who wish to reproduce library materials are required to comply with applicable copyright laws.

The Reading Room has a separate room (“SOCIAL AREA”) for group work.

Collection Borrowing:

Registration for the UW ASC Library is done in the borrowing room of the University Library in Warsaw (ul. Dobra 55/56) on the basis of a valid employee, doctoral student or student card issued by the appropriate UW authorities. For details, visit the BUW website under “REGISTRATION” (

The reader is required to notify the Library immediately of any change in address information, telephone number, or name change.

Borrowing is done on the basis of a library card issued by BUW or a student’s electronic ID card or a UW employee’s ID card or UW employee’s electronic ID card.

The following persons are eligible to borrow books:

  • Employees and doctoral students of the University of Warsaw – 30 volumes for 90 days
  • students of the University of Warsaw and students of post-graduate studies conducted at the UW – 20 volumes for 30 days

A reader may be granted a borrowing extension if there are no other people waiting for the book. Renewals can be done independently online (by logging into your library account on the following website: ) or by checking in person at the ASC Library before the volume return deadline. The book can be renewed no more than five times, for 30 days each time.

The borrower will be financially responsible for damage or loss of the book.

The following sanctions apply for failure to return borrowed books by the due date:

  • suspension of borrowing in all UW Library and Information System libraries
  • special fee of PLN 0.40, per volume, for each day beyond the established return date. Payment of the fine shall be made only by wire transfer to the ASC account:

    17 1160 2202 0000 0000 6084 9762
    University of Warsaw – American Studies Center
    Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28
    00-927 Warsaw

    In the “Title” section, write – library fine
    An automatic transfer confirmation should be sent to the library’s email account ( in pdf format.


ASC library catalogues

ASC Library holdings are catalogued in the following ways:

  • The local digital catalogue (Micro-VTLS) covers the entire collection related to the United States (but not the Latin American CESLA collection). It is available on site only at the ASC Library.
  • Main Library catalogue (BUW) covers the holdings pertaining to Latin American (former CESLA collection) also 80% of books about the USA (as September 2021). The library continues retroconversion (cataloging books into the BUW’s catalog).
  • Card catalogue covers periodicals and microfilms.
  • Print indexes cover special holdings, e.g., the author title, and subject index of The Microbook Library of American Civilization and the subject index of the The New York Times School Microfilm Collection.

ASC library holdings

The ASC Library holds primarily books in English:

  • Books – 40160 volumes (as at 31 Dec. 2020).
  • Periodicals (print copies, multi-year series, e.g., American Historical Review (1939-2012), American Literature (1960-2010), American Political Science Review (1974-2010), Atlantic Monthly (1981-2018), Foreign Affairs (1961-2014), Journal of American History (1964-2007), New York Review of Books (1981-2018), Cuadernos Americanos (1987-2015), European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies (1989-2017).
  • Microforms (miniature photographs of printed texts on film or plastic fiches:
    • microfiches – e.g., The New York Times 1986-1990; the unique collection Library of American Civilization, whichincludes sources (documents, letters, memoirs, paper clippings, maps), monographs, reproductions of art works etc. Pertaining to the US and published in the US between mid-18th century and 1914. The optical technology used is responsible for a single microfiche containing up to a thousand pages of print. A print index allows you to search byauthor, title, key word, and subject area.
    • microfilms – e.g., Atlantic Monthly (1857-1935), American Popular Culture (1897-1949), Harper’s Weekly (1857-1916), New York Times School Microfilm Collection (wybór z lat 1851-1979), The Yale Review (1934-1982).


  • Audiovisual materials:
    • video films – educational series, features, television programs
    • transparencies – the collection covers primarily US architecture, film, theatre, literature, history, and visual arts.

Online resources

TASC faculty and students can access UW online resources via the BUW (Main Library) website.

All ASC Library patrons may access online resources from computers located in the ASC Library. Also recommended: