The American Studies Center Library has been collecting humanities and social science publications on the United States of America since 1976.

Drawing on long-term financial support from numerous US institutions and foundations (including USIA, Peace Corps, Mellon Foundation, Sabre Foundation), we have built the largest American studies collection in Poland, which is further enhanced by interlibrary loans (including from U.S. Library of Congress, Indiana University Library, Kent State University Library, University of Kansas Library, and the University of Pittsburgh Library System). In 2017, the collection of the UW Center for Latin American Studies (CESLA) was added to the ASC Library holdings. The Library is open access and uses the Dewey Decimal System.

Library staff

Head Librarian:

Liliana Kontny, tel. (22) 55333 31


Andrzej Barczewski, tel. (22) 55333 32
Olena Ostrowska, tel. (22) 55333 30
Katarzyna Tomaszewska (CESLA collection), tel. (22) 55333 30


Opening hours

The ASC Library’s reading rooms will be closed to readers until further notice. Starting from May 29, 2020, the Library’s checkout counter will be open on Tuesdays 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm and Fridays 10:00 am – 2:00 pm. Students will have no access to stacks. They can order books by sending an email ( or by bringing their orders to the library during the checkout hours.
The librarians take precautions to assure the safety of all library users. Two-thirds of the ASC Library’s collections can be searched from the UW Main Library’s catalogue; one portal, regularly disinfected, will be set aside for anyone who will want to do a full search of the collection on-site. All the books returned will be quarantined for 4 days, so that the books to be loaned will be safe.

ASC UW Library rules

Anyone at all may use the ASC Library collection in the Reading Room.

The following items are available in the Reading Room:

  • Books and periodicals (books removed from shelves must be returned to a cart).
  • Microfilms and microfiches.
  • Films.
  • Class materials and other readings (in digital form) for classes currently on offer at the ASC.
  • Items provided by other libraries.

The Reading Room is equipped with a scanner, which may be used free of charge. Anyone reproducing any of the Library’s holdings is obligated to abide by copyright regulations. One part of the Reading Room is designated as Social Area for group work.


Patrons with borrowing privileges:

  • ASC students (up to 10 volumes).
  • ASC faculty (up to 30 volumes).
  • Other UW faculty, provided that their department and the ASC have an understanding re. circulation (2volumes with a valid UW faculty ID card).
  • Other UW students, provided that their department and the ASC have an understanding re. circulation (2volumes with a valid UW student ID card).
  • Faculty and students from other state universities and from other UW departments may use interlibrary loan.(Please bring with you an interlibrary loan slip issued by your home department library.

Circulation rules pertaining to the local net micro VTLS catalogue:

Period for which books are checked out is 30 days.A book may be prolonged if no one has reserved it. To prolong, stop by the circulation desk, call the Library (22 55 33330), or send an email ( before the due date. The due date is stamped on a card in the back of the book you checked out. A book which is circulated may be reserved. A book that has been reserved is kept on reserve for two weeks. It is returned to the shelf afterwards if not checked out.


Late fees

There is a late fee for overdue books of 0,30 PLN per book per day. Late fee is payable by a bank transfer (no cashpayments):


17 1160 2202 0000 0000 6084 9762
Uniwersytet Warszawski – Ośrodek Studiów Amerykańskich
ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28
00-927 Warszawa
Use „kara biblioteczna” (late fee) as description (memo). Please send the computer-generated confirmation document as a pdf file to the Library’s email address (


The Library reserves the right to block a patron’s account and refuse to check out any more books to a patron who isrepeatedly late returning books. The patron is financially responsible for any damage to, or the loss of, a book they have checked out. Interlibrary loan slips for use in other libraries are issued only to ASC faculty and students. Films may only be checked out by faculty teaching courses at the ASC. Periodicals and books in the reference room do not circulate.

ASC library catalogues

ASC Library holdings are catalogued in the following ways:

  • The local digital catalogue (Micro-VTLS) covers the entire collection related to the United States (but not the Latin American CESLA collection). It is available on site only at the ASC Library.
  • Main Library catalogue (BUW) covers the holdings pertaining to Latin American (former CESLA collection) and to books on the United States acquired after 2004. The ASC Library is in the process of retro-conversion (introducing our books into the BUW catalogue).
  • Card catalogue covers periodicals and microfilms.
  • Print indexes cover special holdings, e.g., the author title, and subject index of The Microbook Library of American Civilization and the subject index of the The New York Times School Microfilm Collection.

ASC library holdings

The ASC Library holds primarily books in English:

  • Books – 40325 volumes (as at 31 Dec. 2018).
  • Periodicals (print copies, multi-year series, e.g., American Historical Review (1939-2012), American Literature (1960-2010), American Political Science Review (1974-2010), Atlantic Monthly (1981-2018), Foreign Affairs (1961-2014), Journal of American History (1964-2007), New York Review of Books (1981-2018), Cuadernos Americanos (1987-2015), European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies (1989-2017).
  • Microforms (miniature photographs of printed texts on film or plastic fiches:
    • microfiches – e.g., The New York Times 1986-1990; the unique collection Library of American Civilization, whichincludes sources (documents, letters, memoirs, paper clippings, maps), monographs, reproductions of art works etc. Pertaining to the US and published in the US between mid-18th century and 1914. The optical technology used is responsible for a single microfiche containing up to a thousand pages of print. A print index allows you to search byauthor, title, key word, and subject area.
    • microfilms – e.g., Atlantic Monthly (1857-1935), American Popular Culture (1897-1949), Harper’s Weekly (1857-1916), New York Times School Microfilm Collection (wybór z lat 1851-1979), The Yale Review (1934-1982).


  • Audiovisual materials:
    • video films – educational series, features, television programs
    • transparencies – the collection covers primarily US architecture, film, theatre, literature, history, and visual arts.

Online resources

TASC faculty and students can access UW online resources via the BUW (Main Library) website.

All ASC Library patrons may access online resources from computers located in the ASC Library. Also recommended: