Anna Wojtecka

Year of MA graduation: 2010

Current occupation: photographer and burlesque host

How was studying at the ASC like?

Studying at the ASC was an experience like no other! Lecturers treated students like equals, they were eager to discuss all sorts of topics, recommend papers worth reading, help to discover new areas of interest and they were simply kind (my previous educational experience wasn’t like that at all). At the ASC, there were lots of great American and Polish lecturers.

What did you like most about our Center?

The freedom of choice. Students could choose courses they liked from the variety of interesting topics. I focused on gender studies so I could pick a literature, sociology, advertising, business culture and combine all of these into one MA thesis (I wrote about masculinity in advertising).

In what way the experience of studying at the ASC influenced your future career choices and helped you get to the place where you are today, both professionally and personally?

Studying at the ASC was a multi-level experience opening doors to great variety of professions. Although I thought I wanted to work in advertising, I ended up as a photographer and Burlesque Host in Worek Kości. I am sure my broad knowledge of culture is greatly a result of the ASC experience.

To whom would you recommend pursuing a degree in American Studies?

I recommend it to everyone who is interested in generic knowledge of history, literature, art, business, politics, sociology and culture.