As every year, the American Studies Center will take part in the Science Festival organized for the twenty-fifth time in Warsaw.

This year we have prepared a lecture by dr hab. Bohdan Szklarski, prof. ucz. WEIRD DEMOCRACY – the most bizarre candidates and electoral contests in the history of the USA – is democracy a system of the wise, for the wise, by the wise, or is it not?, which will take place this Saturday (25.09.2021) at 10:00 a.m. in room 116 at the ASC building at al. Niepodległości 22.

The Science Festival is a unique event in many ways: during the several days of September, universities, research institutes, museums, and associations present their achievements to everyone interested in science.

It is not only an opportunity to see “from the inside” chemical laboratories or biological laboratories, but also a chance to listen to and discuss with philosophers, linguists, historians, physicists, ornithologists and psychologists about what is important and significant in science here and now.

The Science Festival in Warsaw is open to children, youth and seniors. All those who are passionate about discovering the world and gaining knowledge in not entirely conventional ways.

This opportunity happens once a year, during the Science Festival in Warsaw!

We warmly and cordially welcome everyone!

The detailed program of the Festival is available at: