We are pleased to announce an event devoted to a book
by dr hab. Agnieszka Graff and dr hab. Elżbieta Korolczuk,
which will take place on

Thursday, October 21, 2021
at 5:00 p.m.

at the
American Studies Center, room 317,
al. Niepodległości 22.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, only 40 people can participate in the event in person. In order to make it more accessible, the Book Launch will also be live-streamed on our Facebook event. If you choose to participate in person, please remember to wear your facemask and maintain social distancing.

The event presents the book Anti-Gender Politics in the Populist Moment, which examines the new phase of global struggles around gender equality and sexual democracy: the ultraconservative mobilization against “gender ideology” and feminist efforts to counteract it. It argues that anti-gender campaigns, which emerged around 2010 in Europe, are not a simple continuation of earlier trends (backlash), but part of a new political configuration: the rise of right-wing populism and its opportunistic synergy with religious fundamentalism.

The event will be conducted in the form of a discussion moderated by dr Marta Usiekniewicz. 

Guest speakers will be:
Tomasz Basiuk, University of Warsaw
Michał Bilewicz, University of Warsaw
Ludmiła Janion, University of Warsaw
Agnieszka Graff, University of Warsaw
Elżbieta Korolczuk, University of Warsaw
Patrycja Sasnal, College of Europe

The discussion will last 1 hour 30 minutes.
Students may get 2 OZN for attending. 

About the authors

Agnieszka Graff, University of Warsaw, PhD is an associate professor at the American Studies Center, University of Warsaw, where she teaches courses in US cultural studies, literature, gender studies, and African American studies. Her main interest is in the intersection between gender, sexuality and nationalism. Her articles have been published in collected volumes and academic journals. She has authored five books of feminist essays in Polish, including: Świat bez kobiet (World without Women, 2001); Rykoszetem (Stray Bullets – Gender, Sexuality and Nation, 2008) and Magma (The Quagmire Effect, 2010), and co-edited the Spring 2019 theme issue of Signs “Gender and the rise of the global right.” Graff is an activist and public intellectual: co-organizer and speaker of Congress of Polish Women, regular author in major journals and newspapers. 

Dr hab. Elżbieta Korolczuk is a sociologist, commentator, women’s and human rights activist. She is an associate professor at the American Studies Center, University of Warsaw and at Södertörn University in Stockholm, researching issues related to (anti)gender, social movements, civil society and politics of reproduction. She published numerous texts, e.g. on the women’s movement and neoliberalism, new forms of citizenship, politicization of reproduction and anti-gender mobilization. Most recent publications include a monograph Matki i córki we współczesnej Polsce [Universitas 2019], and a volume co-authored with Beata Kowalska, Jennifer Ramme and Claudia Snochowska-Gonzalez Bunt kobiet. Czarne Protesty i Strajki Kobiet [European Solidarity Centre, 2019]. 


The ASC is switching to remote-only teaching

December 2, 2021

Due to the worsening pandemic situation, the ASC is switching to remote-only teaching from Monday, December 6 until December 17, 2021.


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 25, 2021

The ASC Director’s wishes all students and workers good health, loads of optimism, and every success!

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