Acting in solidarity with students, doctoral students, and scientists forced to leave Ukraine as a result of war, Polish academic community is launching Online Admission System to help candidates from Ukraine become acquainted with education and job opportunities at Polish universities and institutes of science.

The purpose of the system is to help candidates from Ukraine to become acquainted with available routes to further education and opportunities for finding employment at Polish universities and institutes of science. This offer is intended for those who are commencing studies, as well as students, doctoral students and employees of universities and scientific institutions in Ukraine who wish to continue with their studies. This system provides the possibility to enroll for a full cycle of studies as well as to continue studies already commenced at a Ukrainian university; it also presents the possibility of participating in selected classes, undertaking studies at doctoral schools, as well as offers of cooperation (i.e. internships, scholarships) and employment at Polish institutions of higher education and science (i.e. universities and institutes of science).

To view a specific offer, please select the applicable admissions procedure by selecting one of the links on the right:

– Admissions procedure for the first cycle studies
– Admissions procedure for the second cycle studies
– Admissions procedure for long cycle studies
– Continuation of studies
– Doctoral schools
– Admissions procedure for selected classes (including preparatory courses, language courses etc.)
– Job opportunities
– Co-operation opportunities
– Study Visits