To seek admission to the American Studies BA program, you have to have your high-school education completed and a good grade or score for your high-level English. Getting accepted to the MA level requires a BA diploma and a good score for the entrance exam. For details, see the Admissions page.

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Financial aid

Warsaw University offers a wide array of social services to aid students financially. These include awards, stipends, one-time financial assistance, health insurance, university accomodation

Erasmus & other scholarships

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Student groups are a perfect place to meet likeminded students, develop skills, and learn more about American culture

Student Groups and Organizations – general info

From Latin American literature to SF graphic novels, from cultural theory seminars to horror movie nights, from guest lectures to bookclubs, BA and MA students can choose from a variety of cultural and academic events organized by their colleagues and overseen by academic supervisors. Student groups are a perfect place to meet other like­minded students, engage in friendly debates, develop organizational and communication skills, and learn more about American culture in all its fascinating guises. Participants receive 2 OZN points per meeting and event organisers 4 OZN.

ASC Students’ Union

Board of ASC Students’ Union

  • Aleksandra Mackiewicz – President (
  • Julia Guział – Vice-President
  • Nikola Wróblewska
  • Anna Kraszewska
  • Wiktoria Abramczyk (EUROREG)

University of Warsaw Students’ Parliament

  • Aleksandra Mackiewicz
  • Anita Krawczyk

Student Representatives in the Institute of Americas and Europe

  • Aleksandra Mackiewicz
  • Julia Guział
  • Nikola Wróblewska
  • Olga Strycharczyk (EUROREG)
  • Maria Ciupka (EUROREG)


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