dr Ryszard Schnepf

email: r.schnepf@uw.edu.pl

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Room 3.034

Dr. Schnepf is a historian, political scientist and diplomacy practitioner. His main areas of research and academic teaching are global threats and conflicts, US and Latin American politics, history of political and social movements. In his Ph.D. dissertation he focused on political mass movements in 20 c. Latin America and particularly in Venezuela. In1991 he joined Polish diplomacy and served as four times ambassador to different Latin American countries, Spain and finally to the United States. He also held various high level government positions, a deputy foreign affairs minister among them. Developing his academic activity and while on official trips, he taught courses and lectured at many foreign universities and research institutions (U.S., Spain, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Singapore, France, Germany).  As an Assistant Professor at Iberian Studies Department and now at ASC, he intends to combine diplomatic practice with broad knowledge on international relations. His current teaching interests go towards the functioning of American political system and its ongoing changes, U.S. foreign policy (China, Russia, Middle East, N. Korea and Iran), security problems and U.S. – EU relations. Dr. Schnepf is also covering the topics on diplomatic practice, negotiations, diplomatic protocol issues and public activity, such as tv, radio and conference speeches and presentations.

Role at the ASC

Co-ordinator of the Western Hemisphere Lecture Series

Achievements and Honors

Member of the Board, Polin. Museum of the History of Polish Jews, 2017

Honorary Citizen of Atlanta, Georgia, 2014

Medal za Zasługi dla Rozwoju Gospodarki RP, Poland, 2014

Honorary Citizen of Birmingham, Alabama, 2013

Caballero de Gran Cruz del Orden de Isabel La Católica, Spain, 2012

Gran Cruz del Merito Juan Mora Fernandez, Costa Rica, 2004

Research Fellow at Indiana University, IU – University of Warsaw Exchange Program, Bloomington, IN, 1982-1983

Research Grant, Istituto Latinoamericano, EUR, Rome, 1978

Polish Association of Latin American Historians, Secretary General, 1979-1981

Research Fellow at Institute of Latin America, Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 1977


with Adam Jelonek, eds., Polska w świecie. Reaktywacja (Kraków: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego, 2021).

“Zbigniew Brzeziński: czas przeszły teraźniejszy,” Inteligencja polska w świecie, ed. Zygmunt Kolenda, Hubert Chudzio, Dorota Praszałowicz (Kraków: Polska Akademia Umiejętności, 2018).

“Wenezuela 1945: Wojskowi za demokracją?,” Zamachy stanu, przewroty, rewolucje. Ameryka Łacińska w XX w., ed. Tadeusz Łepkowski (Warszawa: Spółdzielnia Wydawnicza Czytelnik, 1983).

with Krzysztof Smolana, Bibliografia polskiej literatury latynoamerykańskiej (Warszawa: Biblioteka Narodowa, 1978).

More than 50 articles and comments in professional and popular periodicals such as Kontynenty, Mówią Wieki, Polityka, Kultura, Wprost, Gazeta Wyborcza.

Courses (selected)

Diplomacy Applied: Theory and Practice

US – Latin American Relations

American Elections

American Elections: A Day After.

America under Trump

Hobbies/non-academic interests

Music, playing guitar.