Filter bubbles are complicated:

It wasn't just superheroes after WWII - America’s postwar fling with romance comics

ASC's own Prof. Frelik is sharing his thoughts on the Oscars with uniwerekTV

It IS radical - An Unsettling New Theory: There Is No Swing Voter

‘Writing my Latino novel’: Satirical reactions to ‘American Dirt’ flood Twitter - and our account can't remain indifferent:

The Kids Profiling Every Single Child Killed by Guns

Using smart phones and social media has its advantages but there are also other ways of thinking about this. Read a cluster of pieces on the intersections of mobile technologies and politics in NY Times:

Speculative Texts and Media Research Group at the ASC is running an international conference next week with a very exciting roster of keynotes and speakers!

Buying a house on Long Island is not that simple, even if you have money

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