The Kids Profiling Every Single Child Killed by Guns

Using smart phones and social media has its advantages but there are also other ways of thinking about this. Read a cluster of pieces on the intersections of mobile technologies and politics in NY Times:

Speculative Texts and Media Research Group at the ASC is running an international conference next week with a very exciting roster of keynotes and speakers!

Buying a house on Long Island is not that simple, even if you have money

There was Woodstock and then there was West Coast Woodstock. And it wasn't quite as happy.

Sororities and fraternities have been an integral part of American colleges for decades but this starts to change: Inside Swarthmore’s decision to close frats

Being elected is just the beginning: Congratulations, You’re a Congresswoman. Now What?

The Library of Congress does not only have books and newspapers and magazines. It also has old phone books. And you can look at many!

Thanksgiving is coming up fast and so is Black Friday. Why not have a look at the visual history of the day?

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