Tadek Markiewicz

Year of MA graduation: 2016

Current occupation: Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Hugo Valentin Centre, Uppsala University

How was studying at the ASC like?

Fantastic! I had an amazing cohort of students, thus I loved my time at the ASC.

What did you like most about our Center?

Fantastic faculty offering one-of-a-kind education on all things Americana. The place was truly stimulating and I learned a lot!

Your best memory(ies)?

Actually, what I remember best are ASC’s lectures! They truly broadened my horizons.

What do you do professionally at the moment?

I completed PhD in International Relations at the University of Kent (UK). Now I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Hugo Valentin Research Centre, Uppsala University (Sweden).

Has someone at the ASC had a particular impact on you and inspired you in some way?

Definitely, special thanks go to Prof. Basiuk, Prof. Kuźma-Markowska and Prof. Graff!

Would you choose the program again?