It is our greatest pleasure to announce that the ASC alumna, Aleksandra Kamińska, has defended her doctoral dissertation, written under the supervision of Prof. Paweł Frelik and Prof. Karolina Krasuska.

Her dissertation “Archiving Girlhood: Self-Representation of Girls in Visual Culture and Literature” is an analysis of how the girl has been functioning as an identity category across American popular culture in the years 2010-2019, using the framework of failure.

Aleksandra Kamińska was a Fulbright Scholar at Columbia University (2018-2019) and recipient of two grants from the National Science Center (Etiuda 2020-2021, Preludium 2022-2025). She has published in “The Journal of Popular Culture,” “Adeptus,” and “Popular Culture,” among others.

She has taught classes at the American Studies Center since 2017, such as “American Graphic Memoir,” “Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies,” and “Youth Culture in the United States.” Besides her academic work, she has co-founded the Girls* to the Front initiative, creating space for women and queer artists, writers, and musicians, by publishing zines, conducting workshops, and organizing concerts and performances.

Congratulations on your Doctorate degree Ola!

Erasmus annoucements

Applications for Erasmus+ 2023/2024 are now open!

January 27, 2023

As an ASC student, you may spend up to two semesters in one study-cycle studying abroad. Apply for Erasmus+ until February 26!

Year 2022/2023

January 25: Meeting with the authors of “Pieśni Grozy: Straszne, mordercze i tajemnicze polskie pieśni ludowe”

January 20, 2023

Meet the authors of the book “Pieśni Grozy: Straszne, mordercze i tajemnicze polskie pieśni ludowe.” We are going to talk about how folklore still inspires artists, the process of creating illustrations and publications, and how folk art can be used in contemporary art.

Year 2022/2023

February 24: American Leadership in the war in Ukraine: Indonesian Perspective

January 20, 2023

Leadership Research Group has a pleasure of inviting all scholars and students to a conversation on the non-Western perspective on the war in Ukraine. Our guest will be Agastya Wardhana from Airlangga University and he will speak about the American leadership in the war in Ukraine from an Indonesian perspective.


Blue Book traineeship programme

January 19, 2023

Apply for a 5-month paid Blue Book traineeships at the European Commission starting in October 2023.

American Studies Colloquium Series

January 19: Covid and a History of Racialized Asian Bodies in the US

January 19, 2023

Anti-Asian racism has been on the rise since the covid pandemic began. This talk by Selma Bidlingmaier examines the historical moments in US history that shaped the ideas that fuel anti-Asian racism. It focuses specifically on 19th Century scientific racism, coolie labor and the making of the white working class, and the 20th Century myth of the model minority.