Dear Students,

The following classes will go online. Most probably you have already been contacted by your instructors. If not, it will take place soon.
We are aware that the intensive course by dr. J. Wendland planned for May may not take place. Yet, do not worry. We know that some of you need it badly to graduate on time.

Małgorzata Gajda-Łaszewska


BA I Obligatory classes

Course name Instructor
United States and the World David Jones
History of American Cinema Paweł Frelik
Political Culture in the US Marcin Gajek
History of the United States II William Glass
Migrations, Race, and Ethnicity in the US Joanna Kulpińska
Academic Writing II Joanna Mąkowska
Emma Oki
Natalia Pamuła
Filip Boratyn
Blanka Kotlińska
Marta Werbanowska
Matthew Chambers
Alicja Relidzyńska



North American Fiction Today Joanna Mąkowska
Civil Liberties in the US David Jones
Politics of Film Noir Marta Usiekniewicz
Diplomacy Applied Ryszard Schnepf
Writing American Life Natalia Pamuła
Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies Ludmiła Janion, Aleksandra Kamińska, Anna Kurowicka
Migrations, Race and Ethnicity in the USA Joanna Kulpińska
NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles Anna Sosnowska-Jordanovska
American Science Fiction Cinema Paweł Frelik
Introduction to the American Civil War Zbigniew Kwiecień


BA II Obligatory classes

Economy of the United States Andrzej Kondratowicz
Am. Lit. II – lecture Grzegorz Kość
Am. Lit. II – sections Joanna Mąkowska
Marek Wilczyński
Aleksandra Kamińska
Anna Kurowicka
Antoni Górny
Jędrzej Burszta
Agnieszka Kotwasińska
Information Technology – sections Various Instructors
Intercultural Communication Paulina Orbitowska-Fernandez
Małgorzata Durska
Dariusz Zembrzuski
Key Methods in American Studies Various Instructors


BA III Obligatory classes

BA Seminar Anna Kurowicka
Alicja Fijałkowska-Myszyńska (Latin)
Natalia Pamuła
David Jones
Karolina Lebek
Włodzimierz Batóg
Grzegorz Kość
Paweł Frelik
Agnieszka Graff-Osser
Krystyna Mazur
Hector Calleros
Matthew Chambers
Zbigniew Kwiecień
Agnieszka Kotwasińska


BA II & III Electives

American Presidency David Jones
American Independent Cinema Magdalena Maksimiuk
Madness in American Culture Natalia Pamuła
Introduction to Body Studies Marta Usiekniewicz
Introduction to American Comics Emma Oki
Forced Migrations and the American Dream Joanna Kulpińska
American Television Series after 2000 Paweł Frelik
Technology and Automation in American Culture Anna Malinowska
New Media in/and Power Blanka Kotlińska
Militarism, Militarization and War Weronika Grzebalska
Latinx and Hispanic Identities Hector Calleros
Queering the Canon Krystyna Mazur
Native American Writings of Memory and Self Gabriela Jeleńska
20th/21st Century American Poetry Matthew Chambers
American Jewishness at the Turn of the 21st Century Karolina Krasuska
Congress Clifford Bates
The Monroe Doctrine Zbigniew Kwiecień


BA III Latin

Modern Latin American Issues Renata Siuda-Ambroziak
Futbal w Ameryce Łacińskiej Alicja FIjałkowska-Myszyńska
Spanish language class Ana Fornet
Spanish language class Luis Miletti



Course name Instructor
Research Seminar: Race in American Film Agnieszka Graff-Osser
Research Seminar: Dystopia and Its Uses Karolina Lebek
Research Seminar: Immigrants and Cities Anna Sosnowska-Jordanovska
Research Seminar: American Outsider Art Anna Malinowska
Research Seminar: Christianity in the New World Renata Siuda-Ambroziak
Research Seminar: Transatlantic Modernism Matthew Chambers
Research Seminar: Haunted America Agnieszka Kotwasińska
Research Seminar: Issues in American Political Thought Clifford Bates
Research Seminar: Urbanization and Mega-Cities Kacper Pobłocki
Senior Res. Lecture: Clips, Shorts, Videos Paweł Frelik
Senior Res. Lecture: Voyages of the Self Marek Wilczyński
Senior Res. Lecture: Power and Its Discontents Elżbieta Korolczuk
Practical Spanish Luis Miletti
Paulina Bojarska
Advanced Practical English Dariusz Zembrzuski
Anna Mejer



Seminar Tomasz Basiuk
Seminar Paweł Frelik
Seminar Marcin Gajek
Seminar William Glass
Seminar Marta Usiekniewicz



Course name Instructor
Contemporary Latin American Film Tomasz Rudowski
The Sixties Włodzimierz Batóg
Seeing Is Believing Włodzimierz Batóg
America Under Trump Ryszard Schnepf
American Television Series after 2000 Paweł Frelik
El Caribe: Unidad en diversidad Katarzyna Dembicz
The Korean War 1950-1953 Zbigniew Kwiecień
African American Film after the Civil Rights Movement Krystyna Mazur



Changes in the mode of operation of the ASC Library, Students’ Office, and Financial Office related to the COVID-19 outbreak

May 29, 2020

The UW Ksawerow building is no longer shut down, and the ASC faculty and staff can use their offices. Still all the ASC instruction continues remotely. The ASC administration will be working remotely until further notice.  It is possible to arrange an in-person appointment via email. Though the ASC Library’s reading rooms will be closed, the Library’s checkout counter will be open on Tuesdays 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm and Fridays 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.


ASC promo clip

May 29, 2020

The ASC offers a unique, interdisciplinary American Studies program and is is one of the biggest American Studies institutions in Europe. Check out what to expect as the student of the ASC!


Important issues for the end of the spring semester

May 27, 2020

As there are new developments and rules for our academic life and activities, I believe I should relate them to you to keep you updated. The most important issues for now are: Language exams, Exam session, Registration, End-of-semester questionnaire, OSA Library operation.


Latest information and advice for the UW community during the coronavirus pandemic

May 22, 2020

On 21st May, the UW rector issued a new order on rules for studying and working at UW. Online teaching and learning will continue, except classes which cannot be conducted remotely. It is possible to work from home, according to a duty system or flexible working hours. The health, safety and well-being of members of the UW community remain the university’s priority.

American Studies Colloquium Series

May 28, 2020 at 6pm, ONLINE; An Erotic Toolkit: Asexual and Aromantic Critiques of Heteronormativity

May 21, 2020

This talk will explore the feminist, queer, and anti-racist tradition of the erotic, drawing on Audre Lorde’s work in particular. Ela Przybylo will discuss how the erotic provides a distinct model for theorizing relating that creates space for the inclusion of asexuality and challenges compulsory sexuality.