Until January 29, students, doctoral students and university staff of the 4EU+ Alliance, which also includes the University of Warsaw, are invited to submit their project proposals for the Science and Culture Festival “Imagining the Future”, to be held in June at the Sorbonne University.

The guiding principle “imagining the future” is an invite for the participants to question the future and to think of their projects as if delivered in four categories:

  • Nature: what are the futures for Humanity? To build new relations and a new “contract” between the human being and his environment.
  • The human being of tomorrow: extended, assisted, modified, pushed? From development to repair.
  • Art, culture and heritage: Which roles in the societal transition? To create in the world of tomorrow.
  • Individual liberties and civic rights: which perspectives? To invent the society of tomorrow.

More information at the 4EU+ website.