Collected all the OZN points required by your program of studies?

To get your grade you need to submit the following documents to the OZN Coordinator ( with a cc to the Student Office:

  • Scan of completed OZN card listing all online and irl events you have attended
  • One file with notes/scans of notes and print screens confirming your attendance
  • Optional: any certifications for courses attended, volunteer work completed, etc.

Please make sure to include the number of points collected into the body of your email to the Coordinator and the Student Office.

Make sure you label the attachments in an obvious way. Only send complete submissions in a single email. Ensure that you received a confirmation of points from the Coordinator.

We have extended the OZN form submission deadlines:

  • if you plan to defend in July, sumbit the form by June 23, 2021;
  • if you plan to defend in September, submit the form by September 10, 2021.