As Americanists, involved in the course of current events in the United States, we first of all see ourselves as educators committed to raising awareness of the complexity of the United States, including its racial legacies. The racial protests triggered by the death of George Flyod have mark a historic moment that may hopefully lead to profound change. This change, however, cannot happen if the public conversation about race in America is grounded in toxic stereotyping, factual inaccuracies, or simply, ignorance.

To that end, as declared in the “Statement regarding the representation of the Black Lives Matter protests in Polish media”, four scholars from the ASC faculty compiled a comprehensive set of resources on American race relations. Thanks to dr Krystyna Mazur, dr hab. Agnieszka Graff, dr Marta Usiekniewicz and dr William Glass, you can now access a list of insightful articles and videos on the unfolding protests as well as their historical and cultural contexts. Click the image below to get redirected to the new “Resources” tab we created especially for this occasion.

You will find there the following sections:
📖 classic and contemporary essays
📃 academic articles
📚 historical research
📒 classic short fiction
📜 autobiographies
📕 novels
🖌 poetry
📽 documentary films
🎥 feature films
🎙 youtube, vimeo, podcasts
💡 Polish sources
👥 the history of white-on-black violence

We are hoping that these resources will enrich your knowledge on race relations in the United States, hopefully helping you understand the processes that led to the social aftermath of the killing of George Floyd.