Dear ASC Students,

Due to the worsening pandemic situation, the gradual rise of COVID cases at the ASC, and the growing health safety concerns among students and the faculty, the ASC is switching to remote-only teaching from Monday, December 6 until December 17, 2021. For two weeks there will be no in-person instruction, no group meetings will be possible, and most office hours will move online.

The decision was made by Professor Sylwia Kuzma-Markowska, the Head of the IAiE Teaching and Learning Council, in compliance with the Rector’s Order No. 140 of November 15, 2021. The online mode may be extended until December 22, 2021, as is allowed by the Rector’s Order, par. 1.5, if the danger of more COVID infections does not subside.

The teaching will be in most cases synchronous, on Zoom. You will receive detailed instructions and ZOOM links from your teachers or you will find the links on the Kampus platform.

Grzegorz Kosc
ASC Director