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Year 2019/2020

January 23: Renewable Energy Sources as Socio-technical Project

January 10, 2020

During the lecture, doctor Aleksandra Lis will present social aspects of energy production in Poland and Argentina, as well as the meaning of electric energy for different actors – communities, nations and companies.

Year 2019/2020

January 17: Star Trek seminar

January 7, 2020

The seminar consists of prior viewing of the two episodes of Star Trek and the following discussion led by our guest lecturer – Stefan Rabitsch from University of Graz. Read more, sign up and participate!

poster by Magdalena Krzemińśka

Year 2019/2020

January 16: “I Like Big Hats and I Cannot Lie”: Petasus Americanus or a Cultural History of Cowboy Hats

January 6, 2020

Stefan Rabitsch will argue during the lecture that cowboy hats do matter. Unlike other headwear, western hats—*petasus americanus*—have retained their potency and recognizability as a wearable signifiers of Americanness.

Year 2019/2020

December 19: Explaining Economic Backwardness. Post-1945 Polish Historians on Eastern Europe

December 7, 2019

Anna Sosnowska provides an insightful interpretation of how local and generational experience shaped the notions of post-1945 Polish historians about Eastern European backwardness, and how their debate influenced Western historical sociology, social theories of development and dependency in peripheral areas, and the image of Eastern Europe in Western, Marxist-inspired social science.

Year 2019/2020

November 14: From Warsaw to New York: Work and Travel Program

November 7, 2019

Work and travel program allows students to take up summer jobs in the United States and thus improve their English, gain signifacant working experience and travel around the US. The American consul will visit American Studies Center to talk about advantages of the work and travel program.

Year 2019/2020

November 14: Africa Within Haitian National Narratives

November 7, 2019

During the lecture Jhon Picard Byron from the State University of Haiti will speak of importance of Africa in the development of Haitian nationality.

Year 2019/2020

October 10: A Backward Glance Over the Much-Traveled Road of Postmodern Fiction

October 2, 2019

The lecture, given by Heinz Ickstadt, a Professor Emeritus in Kennedy Institut of Freie Universität in Berlin, will discuss the instability of the term “postmodernism” and the different shades of meaning it has gained from changing historical contexts as well as via the differing perspectives of a variety of disciplines.

Year 2019/2020

October 7: The US and Today’s Global Challenges

October 1, 2019

Daniel Fried, the US Department of State Assistant Secretary and former US Ambassador to Poland will spea of contemporary global challenges and how the US deals with them.