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American Studies Colloquium Series

March 7: Transnational Identities and Behaviors among Solidarity Refugees in the US

March 1, 2019

Mary Erdmans during the presentation outlines the political transnational activities and identities of Solidarity refugees in the United States (mainly Chicago and California) during the late 1980s. She also focuses on several factors influencing the return of the Solidarity refugees, who re-migrated to Poland after 1989.

American Studies Colloquium Series

February 28: The Diva Project: Analyzing Stardom in American Pop Culture

January 28, 2019

This presentation discusses the films Mahogany and Dreamgirls, as well as analyzes female super stars, such as Diana Ross, Whitney Houston and Beyonce in order to highlight the connection between on-screen and off-screen performance. Jaap Kooijman examines the common trope in African American female superstardom that commercial success comes at the expense of “authentic blackness.”

American Studies Colloquium Series

January 17: Nuclear Afterlives: Toxicity and Nonhuman Embodiments in the Anthropocene

January 17, 2019

In this talk Alison Sperling focuses on environmental records made legible in the Anthropocene, namely the radionuclides, as the result of nuclear fission and thermonuclear explosions in the biosphere, which have since inscribed themselves into all bodies, human and nonhuman, biological and geological alike. She will attempt to challenge what it might mean to flourish in and despite of a toxic Anthropocene.

American Studies Colloquium Series

December 13: Humanities after Blackfish

December 13, 2018

Gerry Canavan in this talk discusses the anti-Sea-World documentary BLACKFISH, as a paradigmatic text of the Anthropocene and a fascinating story gesturing towards multiple possible futures for the relationship between humans and animals.

American Studies Colloquium Series

December 6: Sensory Interface and Algorithmic Desire in a Society of Anticipation

December 6, 2018

The digitally enhanced capitalism promotes anticipatory experimentalism as a novel foundation of American morals, revealing that the provisional is the ultimate object of desire. This lecture demonstrates how the optimization-fixated sensory media algorithmically feed-forward the data, thus promulgating a forever accomplished future.

Year 2018/2019

December 5: The Promised Land of American Integration

December 5, 2018

Ryszard Piasecki, a professor of the University of Lodz, and a former Ambassador to Chile, will discuss the myth of the integration in America as the so-called Promised Land.

American Studies Colloquium Series

November 22: Ethnography of New Culinary Elites: Gastronomic Heritage, Gender and Neoliberal Multiculturalism in Oaxaca

November 22, 2018

This presentation focuses on the rise of new culinary female elites in Oaxaca to present the role female cooks play in the process of heritagization of local foodways.

Year 2018/2019

November 21: Environmental Issues of Indigenous People in Canada

November 21, 2018

According to Amnesty International, despite living in one of the world’s wealthiest countries, Indigenous families and communities in Canada continue to face widespread impoverishment, inadequate housing, food insecurity, ill-health and unsafe drinking water.

Year 2018/2019

November 14: US and Current Affairs

November 14, 2018

A lecture by Frank J. Finver, a Public Affairs Officer at the US Embassy.

American Studies Colloquium Series

November 8: The Rise and Fall of Atlantic Capitalism

November 8, 2018

This lecture explains how work, space and money have become the pillars of capitalism – a system that is now becoming a thing of the past, giving the audience a mirror in which they can look at themselves from a new, global perspective.

Year 2018/2019

October 18: “Salam Neighbor”: Screening and Discussion

October 18, 2018

“Salam Neighbor” is an award-winning feature documentary and campaign to connect the world to refugees. Natalia Gebert, who is going to give a short presentation at the event, has received the award of the Capital City of Warsaw for her pro-refugee work.

Year 2018/2019

October 4: Our American Dream

October 2, 2018

We have a pleasure and honor to invite to the opening lecture of the Western Hemisphere Lectures series by former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland, Radosław Sikorski.

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